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  • Hidden High Definition Camera built inside a working Shaving Foam aerosol container.

    £ 299.00
    Online only
  • Collins dictionary Hidden Camera Standard Model: Can be placed on your desk or book shelf - 24 hour Continuous recording. Charger unit and removable battery supplied. Professional Model: Incorporates our 360* motion sensor module to extend the mission standby to over 60 days.

    £ 339.00
  • Spy Camera built into a Studio Hair Glue. The Studio Glue HD DVR camera uses our new high resolution 720p DVR which produces outstanding high definition video.

    £ 299.00
  • Standard Model: This superb manually operated water bottle hidden camera provides over six hours of continuous high definition 720p video. Professional Model: In this unit we have added an extra microcontroller board and a special motion detector board in order to provide a 30 day mission ready standby time.

    £ 309.00
  • Electrical 240v box Hidden Camera Ideal for office reception, storeroom or back of the shop surveillance where a cctv camera is not appropriate. Extremely long battery life brought about by the use of our unique INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor unit. Simple DIY installation.

    £ 399.00
  • Hidden Air Freshener Camera Standard Model: Suitable for most locations around the home or office.  With over 16 hours battery run time on a full charge. High Definition 720p video and forward facing microphone provide an excellent surveillance system.  Professional Model: The long mission standby time is a result of adding an extra microcontroller board...

    £ 309.00
  • Joey Essex Hair Gel Camera Standard Model: This High Definition 720p Hidden hair gel camera can run for more than six hours on a full charge. Unscrew the lid and remove the hair gel tray to reveal the hidden stop/start buttons, USB and the SD card slot (8GB supplied). Many programmable options including date and time stamp, memory looping and audio level...

    £ 299.00
    Online only
  • Nursery wall hook hidden camera This remote controlled hook camera can be fixed on a wall or the back of a door facing the target area. It can be conveiniently set to record mode using it's infra remote control unit.

    £ 129.00
  • Ted Baker Body Souffle Standard Model: Over six hours of continuous recording. Many options like time & date stamp on/off, Memory normal/looping, recording indicator LED on/off ect. Professional Model: Same as above but with long mission standby of 30 days. 

    £ 299.00
  • Hidden Spy Camera Recorder inside Denture cleaner  Standard Model: High Definition Manually opperated hidden camera can record over four hours of video, Professional Model: Added automatic INVISABLE FIELD motional sensor to extend mission run time to over two weeks.

    £ 289.00
  • LED Tea Light Hidden Camera Manually operated High Definition recording Camera built into stylish tea light.

    £ 289.00
  • This attractive pierced cream ware vase conceals one of our high definition SD card digital surveillance cameras.

    £ 289.00
  • Build your own hidden camera inside a piece of furniture or behind a hole in the wall, it's up to you.

    £ 289.00
  • Standard Model: This Body Shop Shave cream container hides our high definition SD card video camera recorder.  Will record for a minimum ten hours of high definition video. Professional Model: Same as above but with long mission standby of 30 days. 

    £ 299.00
  • This covert camera will keep an eye on your precious ones under the care of your nanny. Mains operated for 24/7 recording or with the motion sensor option up to one month mission standby on batteries.

    £ 289.00
  • Shining and Conditioning Extra Hold Gel High Definition hidden video recording camera security system.

    £ 309.00
  • This clock really will sparkle in the bright lights of your bathroom. Offered with our unique INVISIBLE FIELD motion sensor option and our 3900mAh rechargable battery it really will provide the evidence you are looking for.

    £ 289.00
  • Vitamin container High Definition hidden camera Amazing value covert recording hidden camera.

    £ 299.00
  • Chewing Gum Hidden Camera Amazing value best price hidden camera.

    £ 299.00
  • Long life battery smoke detector security camera. This fully automatic smoke detector uses our INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor so that it has a mission standby of over two weeks on its built in rechargable battery. The working smoke detector section is built into the base section which is fastened to the ceiling by two screw fasteners and for conveinence...

    £ 349.00
  • Air Freshener camera with quick swop rechargeable battery This is a new development made possible by the availability of POWER BANK technology. Power Bank batteries have a built in USB charger so can be charged from any USB outlet, this allows a low or empty camera battery to be quickly replaced with a fully charged one. Supplied with two rechargeable...

    £ 319.00
  • HD Thermometer surveillance camera This is a superb design featuring a long mission standby time combined with a wide angle lens

    £ 349.00
  • The Sony Docking system hidden camera The Sony am/fm Radio and iPod player with built in wide angle lens is a state of the art manual/automatic hidden camera. On manual it will record continuously 24/7 with up to 24hour recording capacity when fitted with a 32GB sd card but when switched to automatic it really comes into its own, it will remain ready to...

    £ 439.00
  • Buddha Plaque with wide angle 120 deg camera lens Two build options: Model HD - Manual opperation with 12 hour battery Model HDIF - 360 deg invisible field motion sensor 1 month mission standby.

    £ 299.00
  • DVD Player hidden camera This DVD player has a Infra-Red window on the front plastic facia which is an ideal location for our 120 degree wide angle lens camera to look through. The 720p HD camera provides superb definition and wide angle lens more coverage than most hidden cameras have.

    £ 299.00
    Online only
  • Studio Line 6 hidden high definition 720p SD card recording camera.  With an amazingly long ready to shoot standby time of over 30 days this camera is ideal if you are away on business or pleasure fo more than a day and need to know whats going on back at home. This camera is packed with technology including our exclusive INVISIABLE FIELD motion sensor....

    £ 349.00
  • IP/GSM Air Freshener hidden camera. At last, a battery operated hidden IP camera that can be switched on and viewed from anywhere in the World where there is a mobile phone signal and an Internet connection. The camera has an alarm system that will text or phone your mobile to let you know that someone is near the camera, you can then turn on the camera...

    £ 489.00
    Online only
  • Lady statue with HD hidden Camera

    £ 289.00
  • Cream Ceramic T-Light holder hidden camera.

    £ 249.00
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