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  • Electrical 240v box Hidden Camera Ideal for office reception, storeroom or back of the shop surveillance where a cctv camera is not appropriate. Extremely long battery life brought about by the use of our unique INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor unit. Simple DIY installation.

  • Build your own hidden camera inside a piece of furniture or behind a hole in the wall, it's up to you.

  • Long life battery smoke detector security camera. This fully automatic smoke detector uses our INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor so that it has a mission standby of over two weeks on its built in rechargable battery. The working smoke detector section is built into the base section which is fastened to the ceiling by two screw fasteners and for conveinence...

  • Air Freshener camera with quick swop rechargeable battery This is a new development made possible by the availability of POWER BANK technology. Power Bank batteries have a built in USB charger so can be charged from any USB outlet, this allows a low or empty camera battery to be quickly replaced with a fully charged one. Supplied with two rechargeable...

  • HD Thermometer surveillance camera This is a superb design featuring a long mission standby time combined with a wide angle lens

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items