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Hidden Cam Air freshener


Hidden Air Freshener Camera

Standard Model:

Suitable for most locations around the home or office.  With over 16 hours battery run time on a full charge.

High Definition 720p video and forward facing microphone provide an excellent surveillance system.

 Professional Model:

The long mission standby time is a result of adding an extra microcontroller board plus our unique motion detector module. 

More details

  • Manual Recording
  • Automatic Recording

More info

Both models have a time and date stamp for evidence gathering as well as eighteen programable options using our PC app. supplied with the camera.

Playback via the USB or memory card direct using any standard media player.

Professional Model:

This is an amazing product, it can remain in sleep mode for over a month just waiting for someone to approach and trigger the High Definition record function, The trigger is very sensitive to any slight movement so it keeps on recording and saving the files until there is nothing to more to detect, it then returns to its sleep mode and waits for the next trigger event. Excellent imunity to false triggering due to our unique INVISIABLE FIELD motion detector. Can be placed inside a metal locker cabinate to record when ever the door is opened.

Alternatively the auto record function can be turned off and the camera controlled manually simply by pressing the power on/off and start/stiop buttons.