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Maca Shave Cream


Standard Model:

This Body Shop Shave cream container hides our high definition SD card video camera recorder.

 Will record for a minimum ten hours of high definition video.

Professional Model:

Same as above but with long mission standby of 30 days. 

More details

  • Manual Recording
  • Automatic Recording

More info

Both models have a built in ten hour rechargable battery along with a 32GB video memory with

various options like time & date stamp on/off, Memory normal/looping, recording indicator LED on/off ect.

The professional version extends the mission standby time to over a month of unattended opperation.

Ideal if you are away from your premises on a two week holiday or just away for the weekend the motion sensor will switch on your camera and start it recording as soon as someone disturbs the 360* INVISIBLE FIELD surrounding the camera.