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This attractive pierced cream ware vase conceals one of our high definition SD card digital surveillance cameras.

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The potpourri can easily be lifted out in order to reveal the camera controls.

The standard version camera is operated in Manual Mode and will run for over 8 Hours on a single charge. This is useful when you know the suspect will turn up within the next few hours.
Sometimes though you need to set a trap without knowing exactly when the suspect is due to arrive on the scene, this is when you need the automatic record proffessional version made possible by our exclusive INVISIBLE FIELD sensor module.This automatic recording option camera has an extremely long mission standby time of weeks rather than hours.

To enable the automatic recording mode simply slide the switch to the automatic record position and locate the camera for best view.

The invisible field extends for more than three metres in all directions around the camera which means you cannot hide from it.
This unique triggering system allows the camera to remain in standby mode just waiting for someone to approach and disturb the pasive invisible field which surrounds the camera, this disturbance is detected and used to turn on the power to the camera which then starts recording.

Size: 110mm square