Air freshener


Air Freshener camera with quick swop rechargeable battery

This is a new development made possible by the availability of POWER BANK technology.

Power Bank batteries have a built in USB charger so can be charged from any USB outlet, this allows a low or empty camera battery to be quickly replaced with a fully charged one.

Supplied with two rechargeable Power Bank Batteries, wall charger. PC app. for setting time and date plus 18 programmable options.

More details

  • Manual Recording
  • Automatic Recording

More info

Manual on/off operation model

All you need for most surveillance situations with a continuous recording time of over 8 hours split into file sizes of your choice.

Automatic motion recording model

This model as all the features of the manual model above but with the addition of our automatic recording system.

Built into this model is our unique INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor that will detect movement anywhere within a four meter radius of the camera and then record and store hundreds of audio/video clips over a period of several weeks, so if you are away on holiday or out of the office on a business trip you can keep an eye on what goes on behind your back.