Denture Cleaner Cam


Hidden Spy Camera Recorder inside Denture cleaner 

Standard Model:

High Definition Manually opperated hidden camera can record over four hours of video,

Professional Model:

Added automatic INVISABLE FIELD motional sensor to extend mission run time to over two weeks.

More details

  • Manual Recording
  • Automatic Recording

More info

This has got to be one of the most secure hidding places for one of our surveillance cameras after all who is going to be picking up your denture cleaning fluid bottle and examining it.

High definition hidden camera set up and ready to go, simply remove the plastic base cap to reveil the controls. Just press the power button followed by the start button and it will record over four hours of superb video. 

Professional Model:

For those who need a longer run time we have added a microcontroller board along with our INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor board to the standard model. This allows the camera to remain in stanby until someone approaches. It will then start to record the event and save the audio and video to the memory card.

Playback using any media player including Windows Media Player.