Sony Docking System



The Sony Docking system hidden camera

The Sony am/fm Radio and iPod player with built in wide angle lens is a state of the art manual/automatic hidden camera.

On manual it will record continuously 24/7 with up to 24hour recording capacity when fitted with a 32GB sd card but when switched to automatic it really comes into its own, it will remain ready to start recording at a seconds notice but it will only use up precious memory when triggered by our 360 degree invisible field motion sensor.

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So this is a truly outstanding surveillance camera with its 120 degree wide angle lens and high definition video as well as a forward facing microphone for crystal clear audio.

The camera controls are located on the underside of the player.

Always lay the player on its back when connecting the USB cable and downloading the high definition video clips so as to avoid any stress on the USB connector.

The Player should be kept connected to the mains supply in order to keep the internal emergency battery charged up, however should the mains supply fail the camera will continue to operate for a couple of weeks just from its internal battery alone providing it has been set to the automatic recording mode. When downloading clips or setting options slide the manual/auto slide switch away from the auto position.

Both the radio and the iPod player provide superb high quality audio with its Mega bass and Expanded sound setting.

The clear bright display can be dimmed down so as not to attract too much attention to the player.

With its dual wake up alarms it fits nicely into any bedroom or lounge enviroment.

Available with the original 20 pin iPod connector or the new Lightening smart phone interface connector.