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IP Hidden Cam AirFreshener



IP/GSM Air Freshener hidden camera.

At last, a battery operated hidden IP camera that can be switched on and viewed from anywhere in the World where there is a mobile phone signal and an Internet connection.

The camera has an alarm system that will text or phone your mobile to let you know that someone is near the camera, you can then turn on the camera and view or record either on your mobile or on the cameras 32GB SD card.

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Setting up the text controller and the IP camera.

Setting up is not child’s play but if you know what a SIM card and a Wireless password does and you have heard of IP and GSM then you are in with a chance.

Basically, there are two sections to this camera, the GSM controller that handles the command texts that you send from your mobile phone just like you would any other text message and the IP camera section that powers up on command and sends its video through your router onto the Internet where your smart phone displays and records the evidence. Once you are connected to the IP camera a whole new set of commands become available through the IP camera app.

Step by step instructions take you through the setting up procedure and we are always here to help if necessary.