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DVD Player spy camera



DVD Player hidden camera

This DVD player has a Infra-Red window on the front plastic facia which is an ideal location for our 120 degree wide angle lens camera to look through.

The 720p HD camera provides superb definition and wide angle lens more coverage than most hidden cameras have.

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DVD player Camera

The DV3030H DVD player camera will work as a mains powered 24/7 manually operated camera or as a fully automatic recording camera using a special sensor system to trigger the camera into record whenever an approaching person disturbs the invisible field.

Recordings can often start before the target enters the room as the sensor can actually detect movement through walls and doors.

The camera also has a rechargeable battery back-up system that will keep the camera operating in standby for several days should the mains power fail. If an intruder turns off the mains power on entering the premises the camera will still be ready to capture and record video using its internal battery.