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Electrical 240v box Hidden Camera

Ideal for office reception, storeroom or back of the shop surveillance where a cctv camera is not appropriate. Extremely long battery life brought about by the use of our unique INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor unit. Simple DIY installation.

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Having trouble with things just disapearing without a trace or maybe reports of bad behaviour from one of your staff then this hidden security camera could be the answer.

Simple to install just fix it to a wall just high enough not to be obvious and switch it on - thats it done you now have a fully automatic security camera which could run for months.

This unique camera is fitted with a High Capacity rechargable Lithium battery pack. Also available are Spare battery packs so a quick changover with a fully charged battery is possible.

This camera is best suited to those areas where there is not too much activity like the far end of the shop or a seldom used storeroom or plantroom. The camera is designed so that it will only wake up and start recording when motion is detected - most motion detectors require the camera to be powered on all the time which rapidly runs down the battery but we have developed a system to overcome this problem.

The motion sensor can even detect a person aproaching before they open the door to the room were the camera is located as our invisable field can extend through wooden doors and partition walls - So keep this in mind when locating the camera.

The camera can also be run from a mains adaptor if you prefer, this plus setting the memory to looping along with the motion sensor allows it to run unattended for months automatically overwriting old memory files in order to make space for new ones.

Placed in the right location this camera is a very impressive piece of kit.