Battery smoke detector camera



Long life battery smoke detector security camera.

This fully automatic smoke detector uses our INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor so that it has a mission standby of over two weeks on its built in rechargable battery.

The working smoke detector section is built into the base section which is fastened to the ceiling by two screw fasteners and for conveinence the camera section can be detached for easy connection to your laptop for downloading the recorded files.

The smoke detector section is a working unit in its own right but should not be relied upon for fire protection, it will however compliment any existing fire alarm system provided it is tested and maintained on a regular basis.

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Smoke detector security cameras are normally wired above the ceiling with their power because of the difficulty in re-charging or replacing batteries every other day.

Our new battery powered smoke detector with wide angle camera can remain for several weeks on a single charge yet be ready in seconds to automatically record that all important event when triggered by an approaching person.

However an external USB battery bank can be added above the ceiling tiles to further extend the run time and for those who don't mind a bit of DIY external cabling work it can be wired up over the ceiling to a USB 5v power unit for 24/7 operation.